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Purpose: Cadre Training Course (CTC) provides Brigade/Battalion staff officers and senior noncommissioned officers (NCO), squad leaders, military instructors, and training NCOs assigned to Initial Military Training (IMT) with information required to help facilitate the IMT transformation process.

Phase Scope: The Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) IMT CTC is a mandatory one-week resident course designed to provide organizational primary staff leaders with a thorough understanding of the Initial Military Training (IMT) environment, organization, policies and procedures, leadership training, evaluation, performance management, and administration. The course intent is to provide all primary staff leaders with an education experience similar to IMT Pre-Command Course and IMT Company Commander and First Sergeant Course in order to ensure those leaders possess the requisite knowledge and skills to properly execute mission command in the IMT environment.

Phase Prerequisites: All personnel assigned to an IMT unit must complete the TRADOC CTC prior to but no later then 30 days after, assuming their duties. Recommended IMT personnel must complete CTC NLT 120 days after assuming IMT duties.

Special Information: CTC is authorized to be conducted at Fort Allen, PR; Fort Benning, GA; Fort Gordon, GA; Fort Huachuca, AZ; Fort Jackson, SC; Fort Eustis, VA; Fort Lee, VA; Fort Leonard Wood, MO; School of Music, VA; Fort Rucker, AL; Fort Sam Houston, TX; Fort Sill, OK; Defense Language Institute, CA; and Goodfellow Air Force Base. All USAR training divisions are authorized to conduct CTC. Check for Course Dates

Course Number Start Date End Date
CTC 001 12-05-2016 12-09-2016
CTC 002 03-06-2017 03-10-2017
CTC 003 05-15-2017 05-19-2017
CTC 004 07-17-2017 07-21-2017

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