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Captian and First Sergeant Rank

Purpose: To provide Company Commanders and First Sergeants with the essential operational skills and tactical knowledge they should posses in order to command successfully in the Initial Military Training (IMT) environment.

Phase Scope: The Company Commander and First Sergeant Course (CCFSC) is designed to educate new unit level commanders and first sergeants on Training and Doctrine Command's (TRADOC) training guidance, philosophy, and investment strategy in the IMT environment. Provides extensive training and realistic educational experiences that prepare the unit command team to lead, develop, interpret, plan, coordinate, and integrate effectively while in command. Additionally, the training will focus on the development of management skills in support of training, injury prevention, risk management, misconduct procedures, support systems and reserve component issues which are unique to the IMT environment. The course is designed with the following areas of concentration:

  1. Identify and Obtain TRADOC Philosophy and Investment Strategy
  2. Define Components of IMT
  3. Implement Training Management in IMT
  4. Analyzing the Investment Strategy
  5. Define Role of the Cadre in IMT
  6. Enforce Resiliency and Fitness in IMT
  7. Manage Attrition, Misconduct, and Separations in IMT

Phase Prerequisites: Active Army or Reserve Component Commanders (02-04) and First Sergeants. Sergeants First Class might be appointed by the Brigade Commander to fill a First Sergeant position when the following situation occurs: being promoted to E-8 and directed by Brigade and/or Battalion Commander.

Special Information: IMT assigned Company Commanders and First Sergeants will attend the (One Week) CCFSC. Check for Course Dates

Course Number Start Date End Date
CCFSC 001 10-03-2016 10-07-2016
CCFSC 002 11-14-2016 11-18-2016
CCFSC 003 11-28-2016 12-02-2016
CCFSC 004 12-12-2016 12-16-2016
CCFSC 005 01-09-2017 01-13-2017
CCFSC 006 02-13-2017 02-19-2017
CCFSC 007 02-27-2017 03-03-2017
CCFSC 008 03-20-2017 03-24-2017
CCFSC 009 05-08-2017 05-12-2017
CCFSC 010 05-22-2017 05-26-2017
CCFSC 011 06-26-2017 06-30-2017
CCFSC 012 07-10-2017 07-14-2017
CCFSC 013 07-24-2017 07-28-2017
CCFSC 014 08-14-2017 08-18-2017
CCFSC 015 08-28-2017 09-01-2017
CCFSC 016 09-11-2017 09-15-2017
CCFSC 017 09-25-2017 09-29-2017

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