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Overview: Instruction includes all aspects of Army's Physical Readiness Training System in accordance with current Army Doctrine and Regulations. Students learn how to perform as unit advisors to their commanders on physical readiness issues as well as establish and monitor both unit and individual Physical Readiness Training Programs. The instructional objectives of the Master Fitness Trainer Course instruction includes the science of exercise, physical fitness assessment, exercise training principles, exercise prescription, exercise leadership and development of individuals, and unit physical readiness programs in accordance with current Army doctrine and regulations.

Mission: The United States Army Physical Fitness School (USAPFS) develop concepts, doctrine, tactics, techniques, procedures, organizational designs, materiel requirements, training programs, training support requirements, and education requirements as it relates to Army Physical Readiness Training (APRT). The Master Fitness Trainer Course (MFTC) trains unit leaders to assist commanders in developing physical readiness training (PRT) programs to improve operational readiness and minimize injuries.

Special Information for MFTC Students: All instructions for phase 1 will be provided by email upon your successful enrollment in the Army Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS). The ATRRS roster is validated on Tuesday and Friday mornings. The instructions will be emailed on those days in the afternoon. Contact your school's personnel office for enrollment.

Enrolment for MFTC Phase 1 will be done in ATTRS through your respective schools' managers. Phase 1 must be completed before a Soldier is enrolled in Phase 2.

Students have 45 days to complete Phase 1 once they enroll into Blackboard, and it must be completed prior to the Phase 2 start date.

Graduation Requirement: There are 17 lessons, and 2 exams (70 is the minimum score). Graduation certificates are automatically generated and sent via email.

There are multiple assignments that must be completed prior to day one of Phase 2. The assignments are on the last slide of the lessons for Performance Nutrition (Diet Recall PE) and APFT and Alternate Events (Preparation Drills, Recovery Drills and Four for the Core). These are downloadable homework assignments that need to be completed prior to arrival.

*NOTE: The General Technical (GT) score of 110 or higher is a recommendation due to the higher learning content for exercise science.

Once you have completed Phase 2 and are slotted to attend an MFTC class whether it be in-resident or through a mobile training team, you should receive a welcome letter from a team noncommissioned officer in charge/officer in charge no earlier than four weeks prior to the class start date with additional course information.