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Brigade and Battalion Pre-Command Course

Purpose: To assist Initial Military Training (IMT) for Brigade/Battalion Commanders and Command Sergeants Major in preparation for command by providing them with appropriate information on IMT environment. This Pre-Command Course (PCC), taught at Fort Jackson, SC, prepares IMT brigade and battalion command designees and Command Sergeant Major (CSM) designees for assignments to Basic Combat Training (BCT), Advance Individual Training (AIT), One Station Unit Training (OSUT), or Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC) organizations. Additionally, IMT command designees attend both their branch-specific PCC and the branch-immaterial PCC. The active Army and Army Guard Reserve command designees attend prior to assuming command. Reserve Component Tradition Member selectees are highly encouraged to attend.

Phase Scope: The TRADOC Pre-Command Course is a resident course designed to provide IMT Brigade/Battalion Commanders and CSM specialized education and training. It focuses on the unique aspects of the IMT environment and facilitates discussion on how to develop high performing IMT commands. All learning activities have been redesigned to meet the highest level of Blooms Taxonomy while incorporating the Army Learning Model principles. Some traditional seminars tailored to IMT are provided on selected subjects, e.g. Drill Sergeants, company command teams, and battalion command team seminars. Our mission is to provide senior Initial Military Training (IMT) leaders with information required to transform volunteers into Soldiers who have demonstrated the requisite character and values; possessing a warrior spirit; competent and confident in their warfighting and technical skills; and who can successfully contribute to their first unit of assignment. Overarching Framework: Students understand the physical, intellectual and emotional Transformations occurring in IMT and their responsibility to lead this transformation process. Our course is structured in a three areas of focus.

  1. Students are knowledgeable on the guiding principles and procedures of IMT.
  2. Students understand they own the process of converting civilians into Soldiers.
  3. Students are exposed to the principles and science of Soldier development involved in IMT.

Phase Prerequisites: In order to attend this course you must: Be a Brigade/Battalion Commander or CSM going to or already identified to command and lead the following IMT Organizations: Reception Battalion (Rec Bn), BCT, AIT, OSUT, BOLC and any other formal training prior to awarding of an military occupational specialty (MOS) (i.e. Pre-BCT, DLI, ESL) or Branch. Complete the online Commander's Safety Course. Check for Course Dates

Course Number Start Date End Date
PCC 001 10-23-2016 11-04-2016
PCC 002 01-23-2017 02-03-2017
PCC 003 04-10-2017 04-21-2017
PCC 004 06-12-2017 06-23-2017
PCC 005 07-31-2017 08-11-2017

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