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MISSION: The United States Army Master Resilience School (USAMRS) increases resilience and enhances performance across the force by teaching skills to Army leaders, who then establish resilience training programs at their commands, lead the training of the skills to the entire Army community (Soldiers, DA Civilians and Family Members), and serve as resilience advisors to their command.

Objective: To make Army Soldiers, DA Civilians, and Family Members more resilient and better able to cope with the stressors of military service and life.

Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness (CSF2) is a division within the Army Resilient Directorate (ARD), in HQDA G1. CSF2 is charged with increasing the level of resilience within the total Army family (Soldiers, DA Civilians and Family Members). The program was established by the Chief of Staff of the Army in 2008 to increase emotional resilience and enhance performance in Soldiers, Family Members and DA Civilians. The concept behind the CSF2 program, as it relates to resilience, is simple: being Army Strong is about much more than being physically fit; it is about mental and emotional strength, as well.