What Does USACIMT Do For The Army?

CIMT is the Core Function Lead for the U.S. Army Training & Doctrine Command for all Initial Military Training (IMT). What this does is provide a process that aligns the development of competencies and behaviors in civilian volunteers for them to become Soldiers who are physically ready, grounded in Army Values, and competent in their skills so they can contribute as leaders or members of a team upon arrival at their first unit of assignment. IMT includes developing baseline proficiency in Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills and critical skills associated with their military occupational specialty or primary officer branch. CIMT is the proponent of the Holistic Health and Fitness System, which is the Army's primary investment in Soldier lethality and readiness, focusing on the five domains of readiness: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Nutritional, and Sleep. Additionally, CIMT provides oversight of the Cohesive Assistance Team (CAT) as a part of the Army's prevention effort. The CAT is a team of subject matter experts who partner with units to identify areas of improvement and provides an outside perspective to the unit commander in order to build cohesive, disciplined, and fit teams.

CIMT’s Goal - To Make the World’s Premier Fighting Force Better Each and Every Day.
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